Monday, June 12, 2017

Blog Stands Up with 1HP...

Greetings, fellows!

It has been quite a long while indeed since I last visited this place, but I think the time for my return has come. I have been on a long journey, and I have returned a changed being.

With that in mind, I must express my intention to revive this blog, certainly. But if it is to be returned to the world of the living, then it must proceed along a different path than was previoisly blazed. Times change, and so too have I. No longer will this this blog concern itself primarily with the likes of the Wargaming hobby, as my interests have diversified since this Blog's Inception over 6 years ago.

Going forward, I think this blog will include articles from a great many schools of nerdly interest, including RPGs, video games, thoughts on new movies, comic book review, and yes... perhaps even a wargaming post here and there.

I will end transmission quickly here, as this post is 95% bluster, and 5% substance. Let it be known that I am officially reigniting the furnace of my blogging interests, and you can expect good things going forward.

-Mr Bad Guy-

:::::End Transmission:::::